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Our classes

Baby Bumble Beats

Baby Bumble Beats is our class for the tiniest buzzy bees aged 0-crawling. It is a slightly more gentle, relaxed session involving lots of sensory and close contact with the parent/carer.

Mini Bumble Beats

Mini Bumble Beats is our class for buzzy bees who are crawling to 2yrs. Our little explorers who may be ready to venture that bit further from the comfort of their parent/carers lap and have made that transition from new-born and sitting unaided!

Bumble Beats

Bumble Beats is our very energetic toddler/pre-schooler class for children aged 2 to 4yrs. Each week we explore different musical styles/genres and use sensory play and movement to improve confidence, encourage independence and develop skills in preparation for school.

"development is key"

It is said that exposing our children to music during their early development helps them to learn the sounds and meanings of words. Their bodies and minds are encouraged to work together.

"development is key"

Music also contributes to the major development of motor, literacy, intellectual and emotional skills, preparing your child for school.