Terms and conditions

Bumble Beats takes the services it provides seriously, and expects that parent/guardians do the same by acknowledging and adhering to the following points.  


·         If you are going to be considerably late or absent from class, please kindly let us know by either text/email. 


Fees and Payments:
·        Payment for each session is to be made online, via our online booking system with bookwhen.com, which is linked to our website www.bumblebeats.co.uk.

  •        Any session missed due to sickness/holiday or any other reason will not be reimbursed. In addition, if for any reason you are to leave Bumble Beats before the term has ended, Bumble Beats will not be able to reimburse remaining fees.
  •         Should Bumble Beats fail to provide any in person/physical classes, due to ANY reason (except a COVID-19 test and Trace related issue, or exceptionally bad/dangerous weather preventing you/the teacher getting to or from the session) all participants will either 1) have a replacement online class scheduled into the term, 2) have another date added into the term dates, or if this is not possible, 3) Have the proportionate fees deducted from their next term’s payment.
  •         Should Bumble Beats fail to provide any in person/physical classes due to exceptionally bad/dangerous weather preventing you/the teacher getting to or from the session, fees for this session will not be reimbursed.


Please notify the school: 


  •         If you, your child or anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19.  
  •         If your child has any form of medical, physical, psychological or behavioural ailments or issues, you are to inform Bumble Beats on their first day of attendance and at any time of development.


Our legal responsibility to you:

It is our legal responsibility to have the following policies and certificates up to date and verified:

  •         All Staff will be DBS certified.  All DBS certificates will be renewed after 3 years of employment at Bumble Beats.
    ·         Both Public and Employee Liability Insurances will be current and valid and are available upon request.
    ·         All 2018 GRPD laws have been upheld and all Data held about children, parents, contacts or employees is held with express permission from the individual and kept under specified legal security measures.


Health and Safety:

  •        Once the session is in progress, the parent/guardian is solely responsible for the child in attendance. 
  •        Should an accident occur within our setting during in-person/physical classes, the staff members who witnessed it will attend to first aid if needed, follow the accident procedure if further medical assistance is needed and complete an accident report form as written evidence of the incident itself (and the measures taken to prevent the accident happening again and measures taken to help assist in the matter).


Revised Aug 2021

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