45 minutes

Bumble Beats

Bumble Beats: 45mins

Bumble Beats is our very energetic toddler/pre-schooler class for children aged 18months* to 4yrs**. Each week we explore different musical styles/genres and use sensory play and movement to improve confidence, encourage independence and develop skills in preparation for school.

We have a vast range of equipment for the children to use and they will have every opportunity each week to freely express themselves, explore, discover and socialise with their peers.

There will be plenty of role play opportunities, educational songs as well as silly songs and of course all the bubbles and star machines you could wish for! Take a run underneath our giant parachute or try your hand at making your own musical instrument to take home. Our Bumble Beats programme is designed to take your child on a magical, musical sensory journey each week, with no 2 weeks ever the same!


*This is a guideline and you are welcome to change class groups whenever you feel your child is ready to, we understand that every child progresses differently and want them as well as you to feel as comfortable and happy as possible.

**Children may attend Bumble Beats up until they are due to start school.