45 minutes

MINI Bumble Beats

Mini Bumble Beats


Mini Bumble Beats is our class for buzzy bees who are crawling* to 18mths/confidently walking**. Our little explorers who may be ready to venture that bit further from the comfort of their parent/carers lap and have made that transition from new-born and sitting unaided!


It is still a fairly gentle and relaxed session involving multi-sensory play, bold colours and textures and all the encouraged contact (they’ll allow!) with the parent/carer, but most importantly its a session with little ones of a similar age and slightly older to socialise and interact with, keeping them on an age appropriate developmental journey and boosting motor/social/emotional/language/cognitive and physical skills further.


Who knows, we may see your buzzy bee take their very first steps in this class!


Starting with our Bumble Beats “Hello Song”, there will be exploration through varied musical styles and sensory play, use of a wide range of musical instruments, classic and well known singalongs, rhythm songs, clapping/action/counting songs, basic movement around the space involving lifting/swaying/toddling/walking/marching/jumping and of course our extremely popular magical sensory finish where the lights come down, the stars come out and we say goodbye with plenty of Bumble cuddles.


*We suggest moving from Baby Bumble Beats to Mini Bumble Beats when you feel your child is ready. We understand that every child is different and develops at their own pace. If you feel they are ready and this may not necessarily mean when they are crawling but possibly showing in other developmental ways, then you are more than welcome to. It is completely at your discretion, and we are happy to discuss this with you should you ever feel unsure.


**18mths/confidently walking is a suggested age/benchmark to move from Mini Bumble Beats up to Bumble Beats (18mths-3yrs), however we understand that all children develop and progress at their own pace and it is completely at your discretion as to when you feel they may be ready to move up to the next class.