45 minutes

BABY Bumble Beats

Baby Bumble Beats


Baby Bumble Beats is our class for buzzy bees aged 0-crawling*. It is a slightly more relaxed session involving lots of sensory and close contact with the parent/carer. Starting with our Bumble Beats “Hello Song” there will be exploration through music and sensory play, involving musical instruments, sitting/lying and lap songs, basic movement around the space involving lifting/swaying/carrying and of course a magical sensory finish where the lights come down, the stars come out and we say goodbye.


*We suggest that once your little one is sitting unaided/crawling or showing signs that they may wish to venture that bit further, that they attend Mini Bumble Beats (for crawling up to 18mths/confidently walking). We are happy to discuss this with you as we realise every child is individual and develops at their own pace. We want you and

your little one to be as comfortable and happy as possible and would only wish them to progress into the older class when they are ready to do so.

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